When are documents deemed to be « complex »?

« Complex » documents are not created once and then archived, but are part of a complete life cycle process defined by one (or more) of the following requirements:

  • publication in several languages, in several variants or in several formats;
  • document are checked for quality;
  • over time, several versions of a document are created and may be active simultaneously;
  • a document is edited collaboratively by decentralized teams.


How do you manage your « complex » document challenges?

With Schema’s ST4, we help you to get things in control!


Schema’s ST4 is a standardized XML-based software application supporting the creation, management and publication of multilingual product information.

While it incorporates customer and legal requirements, it utilizes current trends in technology while offering standardized modules for different business areas and branches of industry: from the creation of product catalogs, marketing material, technical documentation for engineering and electronics, to the creation of packaging and package inserts in the life science industry and context-sensitive online help for software.

Schema’s ST4 is a CCMS (Component Content Management System) that offers powerful out-of-the-box, attractive especially to mid-sized companies and small editorial offices. Standard functionality for Quality Assurance, version and variant management, and preconfigured templates in line with today’s norms (e.g. ANSI Z535.6) ensure a high degree of process safety.

It is designed for integration into processes and IT landscapes. Without changing the standard software, but simply by adjusting the information model or settings in the configuration files (eventually by additional programming), it becomes the perfect solution for processes around complex documents.

Finally, Schema’s ST4 standardized interfaces to related systems (resource planning, translation managemend or layout design) allow successive integrations into your company’s IT landscape.