Our Document Services

When Lexitech was founded in Brussels in 1976, we mainly provided technical documents and translations for various multinationals.

From the outset, our company has been highly adaptable: against a backdrop of continued growth, we started offering a wider range of support services in multilingual communication and document management for corporate and public-sector clients.

We support customers with various solutions – for translation, software localisation, graphic design, SEO website optimisation and document management – for all kinds of information carriers – such as documents, contracts, brochures, websites, user manuals, etc.

Today, Lexitech offers high quality propositions for end-to-end document management.

We combine powerful technological solutions with strictly managed processes while advising our clients as needed through:

  • Content Management Services
  • Project Management Services
  • Consultancy Services
  • Translation Services

Content Management Services

How do you manage your complex document challenges?  With Schema’s ST4, we help you to get things in control!

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Translation Services

What can Lexitech do for you? Lexitech is the ultimate solution for all your translation needs, whatever the source language and target language required.

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