Over the last few years, Lexitech has heavily promoted CCMS (Component Content Management Systems). Why?

So often, we have met companies running into bottle-necks with regard to their technical documentation: multiple versions, multiple languages, multiple markets… all this information is present in various documents… Complexity, slower time-to-market, high cost to deal with new media… the challenge is overwhelming.

We propose to manage your content in ‘nodes’ (topical approach) and support this with strong technology. Re-use of data, easier management, quicker update, shorter span-of-control. A few years ago, we became Silver Partner of Schema GmbH and we actively promote their product suite in Belgium and in Luxembourg.

SCHEMA ST4 is an XML Component Content Management System (CCMS) that supports the efficient creation, management and publication of multilingual product information.

With SCHEMA ST4, companies generate technical documentation for engineering and electronics as well as context-sensitive online help for software. The client stays in full control: along with the core authoring features ST4 includes tools for quality assurance, version and variant management. Output is consistent which is to the benefit of the customer experience.

Lexitech has performed extensive financial analysis on this proposition: we have found an average return on investment of two years, and this makes abstraction of other benefits such as quicker time-to-market or the capacity to add new features such as remote-controlled CMS.

Contact us today and convince yourself of the benefits of CCMS for your organization.

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