Liquidities, dividends, corporate bonds, funds, redemption bonds … just because someone is an expert translator, they will not necessarily be familiar with the economic and financial world; we, as a translation agency, are very aware of this at Lexitech. We have a well-considered approach to our financial translations:

  1. Lexitech has a four-language financial terminology bank. The terminology is available in Dutch, French, English and German.
    It contains 150 000 terms from a large number of sub-domains:

    • banking;
    • insurance;
    • financial reporting;
    • investment products;
    • taxation;
    • real estate management;
    • audit.
  2. We only work with graduate translators, all of whom translate into their mother tongue. However, we expect something more for financial texts: translators must have had specific financial training or have a financial background, so that terms such as liquidities, dividends, corporate bonds, funds and redemption bonds are no longer a mystery to them.

We are probably not telling you anything new when we say that even minor details can be of great importance when it comes to economic and financial matters. Our translators do not lose sight of even the smallest detail while at the same time managing to turn the most complex texts into user-friendly and fluently legible translations.

You can certainly count on it that we will treat the content of your financial documents with the necessary discretion.

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